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Quick concise consultancy and design to get you up to speed and off the grid.

Its a bit of a circus out there in the solar energy market. Full of acronyms, technical jargon and “opinions”. Who is right, what do I  buy, how many, what size, what kind etc.

The what, where, and how are all answered here by the people who really know. Our verifiable experience and wealth of knowledge will ensure your successful transition into energy independence.

So why should you engage with us;

Experience. We know what to do and how to do it in the most economical way. We are passionate about renewable energy and you are assured of the best system design and integration practices. We adhere strictly to globally accepted best practices and tier-1 bankable products.

Here are just some of the benefits to working with us.

  • Significantly Mitigate risk
  • Correctly sized and designed energy systems
  • Ensure the very best return on investment
  • Side step exhaustive research, self education and guess work
  • Stability and safety of your energy supply

Solar energy is an investment (a very good one), and electricity, the life blood of everything we do in our homes and businesses, and demands a verifiably experienced person to protect your investment, and ensure reliability.

Living Solar are experienced and accredited, We ensure peace of mind that you are you getting the very best solar energy has to offer.

Click the link below to learn more about our unique experience, accreditations and partnerships, or just call to discuss your needs;

We can advise you on the following
  • Off grid energy system design
  • Backup energy storage system design
  • Hybrid Solar energy system design
  • Upgrading existing systems
  • Troubleshooting existing systems
Off grid energy system design packages

In addition to the design packages below, we also offer remote and on site engineering and design consultancy on a per hour basis, ensuring you get qualified expertise and best practice implementation on your project.

Should you purchase your solar system from us, we will credit any amounts paid for system design toward your order.

The system design is full A-Z blue print of your custom designed solar system including all component details,  installation specification/instructions, wiring specification, protection (breakers and fusing and grounding) including a layout and wiring diagram, as well as a detailed summery of how much energy the system will supply and the principals around its design.

Packages offered as follows;

  • Small – Single person energy efficient household. Minimal mod cons. (up to 4kWh per day) R2300 Ex Vat
  • Medium – Two person energy efficient household. Some Mod cons. (up to 7kWh per day) R3200.00 Ex Vat
  • Large- The energy efficient family. Usual Mod cons. (up to 15kWh per day) R5000.00 Ex Vat
  • Extra Large – The large energy efficient family. Usual Mod cons. (up to 50kWh per day) R7800.00 Ex Vat
  • XXXL- Very large domestic homes, game reserves, multi room B&B’s/guest houses and the like. Quoted based on scope.

*Mod cons = Televisions (Led flat screens), Hi-Fi’s, DVD/CD players, Apple TV/Media players, laptop computers, desktops computers, internet appliances, Ipad/cellphone or tablet chargers, energy efficient fridges and freezers etc.