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+27 87 802 3693  / +27 87 898 8406 /  info@livingsolar.co.za (we operate nationwide)


Living Solar was founded to provide turnkey expertise and professional consultancy services for battery based energy in the Commercial, SME and residential markets.

We are a multiple manufacturer accredited industry leader and a one stop shop for businesses and individuals seeking the very best renewable energy has to offer.

Our core focus is the correct design of off grid and hybrid energy systems in an emerging and growing industry to separate fact from fiction and promote best practices while ensuring the very best return on investment.

We also offer full remote asset management and real time system monitoring via our proprietary support hub, making us the first full service EPCM of our kind in Southern Africa.

Living Solar are verifiable and bankable experts. Our experience and wealth of knowledge will ensure your successful transition to energy independence.


Living Solar are wholly accredited, supported and partnered with Trojan Battery Company, the largest tier-1 renewable energy battery manufacture in the world. We are uniquely experienced and positioned to provide the very best advise and service in the off grid and hybrid energy space in South Africa.

Living Solar are accredited by and partnershipped with MLT inverters, a Juggernaut of the Solar energy industry in Southern Africa and beyond. MLT inverters are the oldest (32years) and most reputable battery based inverter manufacturer in Africa. Proudly South African, with world class offerings and after sales support. This partnership reconfirms Living Solar’s commitment to top quality products and local content support.

Living Solar are recognised as an industry leader in the battery based solar energy market and are supported by Canadian Solar Pty Ltd (One of the three largest tier-1 PV module manufacturers globally). Our partnership with Canadian Solar Inc, ensures our customers priority warranty support and the very best after sales service.